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Bats Plus carries all the baseball and softball essentials for you and your team. Our wide selection of baseballs, softballs, bats, equipment bags, and more from top quality brands allows us to be your one-stop-shop for all of your baseball and softball equipment needs! We’ll help you find the right gear, from catchers to pitchers, infielders to outfielders, novices to seasoned diamond veterans, and beyond! Let us tell you a little bit about who we are and what we have to offer.

Bats Plus is an authorized dealer for lots of major softball and baseball equipment brands, and is one of the largest northeastern distributors of softball and baseball bats from Miken, Worth, DeMarini, and Lousiville Slugger. We’re also one of the largest distributors in the nation of slowpitch and fastpitch composite and leather softballs from Trump X-Rock, Evil, Dudley Thunder, and Worth. Read below for a more specific breakdown on all the softball and baseball equipment we have in our ever-growing inventory:


Bat Plus carries the most reliable baseball and softball bat brands approved for NSA, ASA, and USSSA use, including Miken, DeMarini, Monsta, Louisville Slugger, Worth, Dudley, and Adidas. All of our inventory comes in a variety of weight and barrel size options so that you can select a bat tailored to your unique hitting style. With composite bats that give you the control and power you need, to colorful designs that let you stand out among the rest, Bats Plus has a bat for you that we know will be a home run!

Slowpitch Softball Gloves

A proper glove can go a long way in successfully snagging those tough catches, blocking sunlight, offering ventilation, and allowing you to be nimble out on the field. When you order online from Bats Plus, you have access to the best models from the most trusted brands in the world of slowpitch softball. From players looking to graduate to a higher-quality glove to those that need a reliable replacement, turn to Bats Plus!


When it comes to getting your hands on softballs for practice or games, you never want to compromise on quality. That’s why we have some of the best fastpitch and slowpitch composite, microcell, and leather softballs that repel moisture and maintain ideal compression to withstand thwack after thwack. Bats Plus is a leading online distributor of top softball brands like Trump X-Rock, Evil, Dudley Thunder, and Worth.

Softball and Baseball Bags

We understand the importance of protecting your bats and keeping additional softball and baseball equipment together. With our softball and baseball bags, you’ll be able to do just that! With Bats Plus, you’ll be able to shop from current and discontinued products from dependable brands.

Worth Pitcher’s Mask

Our Worth pitcher’s mask is designed for slowpitch softball pitchers, equipped with a ventilation system to increase airflow and molded for enhanced impact performance.

Softball and Baseball Equipment For Sale from Bat Plus

Our softball and baseball equipment inventory has some of the most reputable brands and products on the market today. For more information about any of our inventory, including baseball bats or softball bats that we have for sale, reach out to Bats Plus today!

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